The Web library for mulle-objc

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This is a small Web library collection written on top of the MulleFoundation.

It contains amongst other functionality a HTTP server and a HTTP client library and support for JSON. It is experimental at this stage. Everythig taken together should enable your to write a jekyll clone fairly quickly.

Library Description
MulleWebClient MulleWeb client library
MulleWebServer MulleWeb server library
MulleCurl HTTP client library for the MulleFoundation based on libcurl
MulleCivetWeb HTTP Server for the MulleFoundation based on civetweb
MulleObjCInetFoundation NSURL, NSHost
MulleObjCHTTPFoundation HTTP header and URL parsing
MulleObjCJSMNFoundation JSON support
MulleHoedown Markdown support
MulleZlib Compression
MulleScion TWiG like templates
MulleScionHTMLPreprocessor Preprocessor to convert fake HTML to MulleScion tags
Executable Description
mulle-scion Commandline template processor and documentation for MulleScion

mulle-sde support

Library Description
web-developer Developer kit for mulle-sde. The easy way to install MulleWeb (and MulleFoundation)


See web-developer for install instructions.